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What is VMABC
It is the fastest easiest directory of Bexar County and surrounding counties and San Antonio veterinarians on the web. Member veterinarians can maintain the data, and the mapping is the best there is. It also offers a job listing service for the Bexar veterinary practices.

Why would I join VMABC
As a veterinarian, you get the benefits of being a group of professionals with similar interests and priorities.  This will enable you to help direct local political decisions in a direction most favorable to our needs. 

Is my information private?
Your member information is visible to other members once they login. Your practice/clinic/hospital information is private or public depending on your needs. Some vets are 'business to business' and don't serve the public directly.

What about advertising?
Yes. VMABC and it's initiatives are always in need of sponsorship, and your advertising is welcome. There are two categories of advertising, one for the public pages, and one that members will see.

Updated Wednesday, 19th September, 2018

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