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Membership to VMABC is open to veterinarians who meet the following qualifications:

Graduate of a school or college of veterinary medicine accredited by the Council of Education of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) or be the recipient of the AVMA Educational Certificate for Foreign Veterinary Gaduates (ECFVG).

Have submitted an application for membership on the official form of the VMABC.

Have submitted the full amount of the annual dues if application is made prior to JUNE 30, or have submitted  one-half the amount of annual dues if application is made after JULY 1. 

Applications failing in election to membership shall have any fee submitted returned.

Have been reported favorably for membership by the Membership Committee and subsequently have received a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Hospital staff can join VMABC.

Business membership shall consist of corporate representatives and detail salespersons servicing the veterinary clinics and hospitals in the VMABC area or other related service businesses.

Business members will not have voting privileges.  They will be entitled to attend certain continuing education seminars and social events as determined by the Executive Board.

Dues are due on January 1st of each year.  This can be paid by check mailed to PO Box 12353, San Antonio,Texas 78212 or by clicking on the link below.

Click on the payment button below, based upon amount Due.
You can use your credit card or your PayPal account.
A PayPal account is not required.

Existing Members, and New Members Before July 2nd, $125

New Members Only, After July 2nd, $62.50
Existing members should renew at the full annual rate.

Updated Friday, 08th December, 2017

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