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VMABC TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship

VMABC sponsors a scholarship for Bexar County students at the TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine. 

If you make donations in the memory of deceased pets of your clients, please consider making those donations to the Texas A&M Foundation for the benefit of this scholarship. 

In response to these donations your client will receive a very nice heartfelt acknowledgement letter from Dean Eleanor Green and Dr. Bubba Woytek, Senior Director of Development (click here to see a sample letter) (pdf).

You may make a donation by check or by credit card, whichever is most convenient for you.  

Donations made by check:
Print the Donation form (word doc or pdf version ) , complete, and mail it with your payment.  Most importantly, your check must be made payable to "The Texas A&M Foundation".  They suggest a minimum contribution of $10 per memorial to cover program costs.  More generous contributions will help build the scholarship fund more quickly.   

Donations made by credit card:
If you prefer to make your payments online, please visit the giving site at: and click the “Give Now” button in the upper right hand corner of the home page, then click “Veterinary Medicine” on the left side of the page and follow the directions.

You will need to indicate that your gift is to support the Bexar County VMA Scholarship Fund, or indicate account number 04-33058 in the "Gift Fund Number" box. 

You can make one payment and simply email a list of pet memorials (including client name and address and pet name) to


Updated Friday, 08th December, 2017

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